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Sunday, March 11, 2007


I am currently no longer updating this blog. Please visit my brand new website startBlue!

I have decided to put all my energy in this new website which is a direct desendant from the old gowafg site. You can read my latest articles, opinions, and ideas in a more professional environment. All users can comment, and you can also discuss any topic in the forums. Play a few games such as Pacman, Tetris, and Snake on the game section of the site, and browse the Directory for my list of sites to discovery.

Goodbye, and I hope I will see you at http://www.startBlue.net

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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Welcome Back Kylie!!

To Kylie: You have been courageous, with a smile on your face. You have been an inspiration to us all. I saw you in concert on May 4th 2005 in London, days later you shocked the world with your news. You have been in my thoughts, but your back. Today is a happy day for us all. Welcome Back!!

Kylie Minogue is back, having now performed two shows in Sydney, Australia. She is set to perform 18 more this year in her native Australia, then 12 in the UK next year. Not only is Kylie back performing, but her 'Ultimate Kylie' album released in December 2004 is back in the Australian Charts (ARIA) at number 8.

In a revised show that borrows its roots from the Showgirl Tour she was forced to cancel, Showgirl Homecoming has all new outfits and several song changes. In addition, Kylie also performs a new track called 'White Diamonds.' In the second show, Bono from U2 did a duet with Kylie during her song 'Kids.' 'Especially For You' was dedicated to her family and especially Dannii Minogue.

Outfits included a brand new feather extravaganza by Lido of Paris to a beautiful red dress and a leopard print 'catsuit.' The show also included a 20 minute intermission due to Kylie's continued recovery. Overall, including the intermission, the show was about 2 hours and 30 minutes in length.

For more information and more pictures visit my Kylie Fansite and Forum, Fly Kylie Minogue

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Best Buy Sucks!!!

I am blogging this and have sent this to the Better Business Bureau

My complaint is regard to the lack of professionalism in regards to repair/service. I purchases an Insignia LCD TV in January of 2006. The TV ceased to operate correctly in the beginning of October 2006. A Service Agent verified that the TV would not turn on with his visit on October 10th, but would not do any further diagnose. I was told that certain parts would be ordered and should be in within a week so that the TV could be repaired.

Two weeks from that date I was informed on my voicemail that the parts were on back order. I was not informed of the estimated date of repair, I had to call BestBuy to get such information (parts on back order until 28th of November). I also urged BestBuy to replace the unit at the call as two months for a repair that may or may not fix the problem (since there was no real diagnosis). Apparently they knew it would fix the problem for a while since this was a Lemon. Talking to over 6 agents on the phone showed a rudeness and games they were playing. Research found out that the TV should be a lemon, as review sites such as CNET.com had negative reviews including people that had gotten the new part to only realize it made the tv work until after the warranty expired. I brought these reviews and my opinions to BestBuy, but nothing could be done. The fact that their self given timeline of 3-5 business days of a response for a request of a replacement had passed meant absolutely nothing to them. It was rude, unhelpful staff that didn't want to investigate the problem or help me get my issues solved. I was suffering without a working TV, an no fault of my own. I was suffering knowing that I had no control over the issue, and that I might eventually be stuck with a $1300 paperweight.

I guess finally all my calls paid off. I had spend way over 5 hours on the phone to Best Buy. I was told finally that I could exchange my TV. Going to the Best Buy store, I found a giddy and unhelpful staff. As the phones rang, they would just hang them up claiming there was an issue with the phones. I had earlier been on hold to my local store for 30 minutes to try to innate the problem. It took over 3 hours at my Best Buy store to exchange the set, and was still amazed about how every employee I talked to had a different story. (Including Employees at Best Buy Corporate). Finally I paid the difference for a Better Quality Samsung Plasma Display and left the store. As I left, I was asked to do a survey which I did. I was told a Manager would talk to me, It never happened!!!

I would like an apology and perhaps a refund on the difference I paid for the new tv. Funny thing is, when I exchanged my Insignia (A Best Buy Brand) for the new one, the staff were so lazy they pulled up the wrong authorization. Yes another customer with a last name as Kelley with the same TV that had died... IT IS A LEMON. More importantly I want Best Buy to take RESPONSIBILITY for its problems and replace TV's of customers who had their TV break after the warranty. The IS-LCDTV32 is a LEMON and the run around from corporate was unacceptable.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Gay Rights = Human Rights!

This is a comment I wrote in response to: Same-Sex Marriage: Hijacking the Civil Rights Legacy

The author seems to forget what the Civil Rights movement was realy about. In those days it wasn't popular to support blacks or inter-racial marriage. In fact you could get killed, or put in jail for inter-racial marriage.

The movement was not about slavery as you claim (slavery already abolished), but about racism and discrimination. If one had a come clean as a homosexual in the 1950's, one surely would have been killed or put in jail. If that isn't discrimination, I don't know what is. The fact is you can marry (and more importantly receive the associated rights) the person you love. I can't marry the person I love. That is the definition of inequality or discrimination.

Democracy didn't support taking away segregation or the ban on inter-racial marriage. In fact the majority were for the ban and segregation. It is not right of any majority to be a tyrant on the miniorty. That is why we are republic with a constitution, to protect the rigths and freedoms of all. The Pilgrims came to America because they were discriminated against as a religious miniority.

Please help Stop Hatred!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Entertianment Update!

We all know the controversy surrounding Whitney Houston. But what effect has it had on her career? I was in Barnes & Nobles last weekend. After my purchase of a CD, I was offered a free Whitney Houston single. I was a bit perplexed, but was then told that they had tried to sell this single for years (since its release in 2001) and hadn't managed to do so. They were know giving them away, and had been for over a week (to those that accepted one) but still had a few copies left!! The Single was also sadly a Charity Single designed to raise money in the aftermath of 9.11.

Speaking of controversies affecting your career: Janet Jackson has had less sales that she had hoped of her new album. You could probably point the finger to her Super Bowl stunt!!

Madonna is full on controversies, and this week has been extremely loud with her accusing the Media of causing the controversies in a special interview on Oprah. However, lest we forget, it was Madonna that lied about adopting in Malawi after government officials had leaked to the press she was adopting. Generally when you lie, you have something to hide!! Despite any good intentions she may have had, it is also important that the law be followed and the deal scrutinized - according to local charities and I agree! Madonna throughout her career has dealt or perhaps profiteered off controversies. Experts say that the cross stunt brought more attention and perhaps more attendees at the Confessions Tour. However, due to over a million emails, NBC will not be showing the cross stunt in their TV special of the tour.

In the long run, Controversies do not help any artist and they should be careful of what they do and say.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

New Jersey must recognize same-sex unions!

In a closely watch legal battle, the New Jersey Supreme Court ruled today that same-sex couples are entitled the same rights as heterosexuals. However, it left open to the legislature to pass either Civil Unions or Gay Marriage within 180 days.

"The issue is not about the transformation of the traditional definition of marriage, but about the unequal dispensation of benefits and privileges to one of two similarly situated classes of people," the court said in its 4-3 ruling.

Many had hoped that liberal court would have issues a ruling in complete favour of only same-sex marriage. The dissenting side stated that gay marriage was constitutional right disagree with allowing lawmakers to decide.

The case was brought seven couples, represented by Lambda Legal, who were refused marriage license in 2002. In 2004 New Jersey passed a Domestic Partnership Law that allowed some of the rights of marriage.

“To comply with the equal protection guarantee of Article I, Paragraph 1 of the New Jersey Constitution, the State must provide to committed same-sex couples, on equal terms, the full 65 rights and benefits enjoyed by heterosexual married couples," the ruling said.

"So help us God, New Jersey's LGBTI community and our millions of straight allies will settle for nothing less than 100% marriage equality," said Steven Goldstein, the chair of Garden State Equality.

Hope Wall

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

New Orleans

The biggest disaster in America wasn’t Pearl Harbour or September the 11th. It isn’t a terrorist boarding your next flight! Hurricane Katrina killed hundreds, displaced thousands. It was a failure, not of the earth but of America. Local, State, and Federal Governments were to blame for ignoring global warming, environmental issues, hurricane preparedness, and social issues. People that had little money, no transportation were left by the thousands to fend in disaster that would compare for days to Nazi Germany. Socialist solutions were ignored in a competition society, the poor ignored. It wasn’t an attack on our America that produced our worst disaster, it was a complete failure of our Government!

Last weekend, I visited New Orleans with my partner. Here is my story over a year on. As you drive into the city, you are awed by total destruction. There are miles upon miles of empty houses, apartments, and buildings. Windows are broken, roofs are gone, and streets are empty. The suburbs of New Orleans are a ghost town. As you enter New Orleans, you notice continue complete destruction in the downtown area, though elements of life are returning and the French Quarter & Canal Street seems alive amid the destruction. Hotels are reopening, businesses are repairing and a small amount of hope is there. Canal Street is busy with cars and people, but less than last time I was there.

We parked near Harrah’s, a casino, which has reopened. We enter a mall nearby and find that about 50% of the stores are open, though continue work is being done and we were walking on new tiles. Nearby on Peters Street, French Connection & Tower Records are open, though both have huge sales. I found the sales irresistible, and my purchases would help business in the city. Tower Records had a rare 1989 Kylie DVD, “On The Go: Live in Japan”, which was in Portuguese. There was a great collection of Kylie and Dannii singles from which I purchased a few. They seemed to have more singles than most other artists. It was great to see rare singles that I don’t find and are imports. DJ Sammy and Sophie Ellis-Bextor were among other singles I found.

After a quick salad, we entered Bourbon Street which is the main bar street in the French Quarter. It was completely open, and slightly busy. The Bourbon Pub, a gay bar, was completely packed for their Drag Show, and in fact was the busiest bar on the street. Across the street was OZ, another gay establishment, that played Dannii’s “I Begin To Wonder” and later Kylie’s “Can’t Get You Out of My Head” to me delight!

Overall, though parts of the trip were depressing it was nice to see people rebuilding and people coming out and supporting New Orleans. It was nice to see the Gay Community out in support, and knowing together we can rebuild New Orleans. However the Local, State, and Federal governments must now take into account the poor in America, as well as Environmental Issues. We cannot allow this to happen again.

So What?

So North Korea has Nuclear Weapons? I remember last week I said "This weekend, N. Korea will test a nuclear device!" Well, I think anyone could have guessed that...

Facts are the China, America, the UK, India, and Pakistan have nuclear weapons, and America has used them to kill thousands of innoncent Japanese in WW2, acts that surely today would be called War Crimes or 'Terrorist' acts. Yes, America claims it was the only way to get Japan to surrender, but the facts don't support the theory made up after people like me asked questions. The facts include documents where Japan was ready to surrender, and the bombs were more a scare tactic against the USSR.

America is throwing a double standard. North Korea wants the device as a diplomatic tool, and lastly as a security guarantee against Bush's fight against the axis of evil. Any nation would defend themselves any way they could... and North Korea has. I won't blame them for that!

Perhaps we should be more concerned about Iran which has expressed its desire to wipe Israel of the map... but let's go crazy about N. Korea! They are Nuclear, tough! America can't invade without millions of potention deaths, and sanctions won't accomplish anything! North Korea will still be there with Nuclear Weapons! Perhaps 1 on 1 talks that they have requested are a step foward, but Bush is too stupid!